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We specializes in robust transportation services, exceptional customer service and a tightly knitted cargo security system. Our ever-growing list of logistic related services include freight consolidation, core carrier program management, swift feedback application and information reporting.

Alcor Transport

is an internationally recognized company with freight options covering all of North America. We take pride for our track record of delivering goods on time, ensuring they are transported with utmost care and are delivered damage free, making the process stress free from the time goods are shipped to getting the signature of delivery.  Contact Now

This process demands a modernized approach, of which our company is totally capable of dealing with. We insure that our customers are totally aware of the location and condition of their shipment owing to our thorough management and communication system.

Though our major operation is based out of GTA area, a series of different sites have been mapped already to base our other offices. We are a group of strategists, with strong market knowledge and years of experience, to deal with any unforeseen circumstances in a professional manner.

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